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The TCMDD is an abbreviation of the term the Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnostic Descriptor and is a new TCM diagnostic format, developed by Dr Michael Popplewell as part of his recommendations for improving diagnostic reliability in his PhD thesis1.

Papers reporting the levels of diagnostic reliability in TCM in open populations2, recommending Gwet’s AC2 as the appropriate chance removed statistic3 and introducing the TCMDD4 have been published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine (JACM), and all three make a persuasive case for consideration of TCMDD use in research and practice.

These three papers are currently ahead of print and are soon to be the centrepiece for a special diagnostic reliability and pattern recognition edition of JACM.

This site includes a link to a diagnostic reliability workshop application that allows case histories to be rated with both the contemporary TCM and the novel TCMDD diagnostic formats.

Soon to come will be a section for joining a TCMDD advocacy group.

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